How Old Is Damien From The Prince Family? (2023)

How Old Is Damien From The Prince Family? (1)

Damien Prince from the Prince Family is currently 31 years old. The Indiana native is five years older than his wife Biannca Prince aged 26.

The Prince family is an American vlogging family best known for their feel-good videos on YouTube. Based in Houston, Texas, their videos primarily feature husband-wife duo Damien and Biannca Ryann Prince along with their four kids.

The family's self-titled YouTube channel has over 10.4 million subscribers in 2023. The channel has a library of interesting content ranging from pranks and funny feel-good videos to cooking and challenge videos.

Besides their primary YouTube channel titled The Prince Family, Damien and his wife co-own several more channels, including The Prince Family - Nursery, The Prince Family Clubhouse, Damien & Biannca, D&B Nation, and GamingWithD&B. Meanwhile, Biannca also has a personal self-titled channel with 1.72 million subscribers.

As of 2023, the couple's six YouTube channels boast over 18 million subscribers, which generates significant revenue for their family. The pair has experienced a real-life rags-to-riches story.

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  1. How Old Are Damien and Biannca From The Prince Family?
  2. The Prince Family Has 4 Children
  3. How Long Has Damien And Bianca Been Together?
  4. How Did The Prince Family Get Rich?
  5. Biannca Prince Family
  6. Damien Prince Family

How Old Are Damien and Biannca From The Prince Family?

How old is Damien Prince from the Prince family? Damien Prince of the Prince Family is 31 years old in 2023. The Houston-based YouTuber was born on February 18, 1992 in Fort Wayne, IN.

Damien received his primary education in Fort Wayne before attending South Side High School. However, he didn't go to college and, instead, chose to start his professional career at a young age.

Growing up in Indiana, Prince also got in trouble with the law a few times. Damien talked about his troubled history in a 2016 video but hasn't disclosed the charges against him and whether or not he was convicted. However, he has come a long way from his rebellious days. As of 2013, he is a loving husband to Biannca and a caring father to their four children.

When Is Damien Prince Birthday?

Damien Prince birthday falls every year on February 18. He celebrated his 31st birthday in 2023.

Prince was born on a Tuesday in 1992; he is an Aquarius by birth sign.

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How Old Is Biannca From The Prince Family?

The Prince family matriarch Biannca Prince is currently 26 years old. Biannca was born on March 6, 1997.

Like her husband Damien, Biannca is also a native of Fort Wayne, Indiana. She attended R. Nelson Snider High School. After graduating high school, she started working at the pizza chain Little Caesars. She eventually moved to Texas with her partner Damien.

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The Prince Family Has 4 Children

Damien and Biannca kids are DJ Prince, Kyrie Prince, Nova Grace, and Ayla Faith Prince. The Prince couple first child DJ Prince is eight years old.

Biannca and Damien had two sons named DJ and Kyrie before welcoming their daughters Nova Grace and Ayla Faith. The couple's children are a big part of their YouTube content and are regularly featured in their videos.

The Prince Family Ages And Names

The Prince Family kids are between the ages of two to eight years. Ayla Faith Prince is the youngest, whereas DJ Prince is the eldest child of Damien and Biannca.

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1. DJ Prince

DJ Prince is currently 8 years old in 2023. He was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on February 9, 2015.

DJ was born on the same month as his father but on different dates. He is an Aquarius by birth sign.

Further, he is the only child of Damien and Biannca to be born in Indiana. His siblings are all Texas-born.

2. Kyrie Prince

Kyrie Prince was born in Houston, Texas, on December 11, 2016. He will turn 7 years old on his upcoming birthday in 2023.

Kyrie's birth sign is Sagittarius. His birth was the subject of a popular YouTube video produced by his parents. Likewise, he was the primary focus of his family's YouTube video, titled "Kyrie's Afraid To Go To The Hospital."

3. Nova Grace Prince

Nova Grace age is currently four years old. She was born as the first daughter of Damien and Biannca on April 29, 2019.

Moreover, Nova is also the first child born after the Prince couple's wedding. She is a Taurus by horoscope.

Grace is an aspiring social media influencer with over 402k followers on her official Instagram page.

4. Ayla Faith Prince

Ayla Faith is two years old at the time of writing this article. She was born in Houston, Texas, on October 26, 2020.

Ayla has also found fame on Instagram with over 206k followers, and counting. She is a Scorpio by Zodiac sign.

Faith is the youngest child of Biannca and Damien Prince. Her parents featured her birth in a YouTube video, which was uploaded on November 30, 2020.

How Old Was Bianca When She Had DJ?

Bianca was 17 years and 11 months old when she gave birth to DJ Prince on February 9, 2015. She was one month short of turning 18 years old when she had DJ.

Meanwhile, DJ's father Damien was 22 years old at the time of his birth. Damien turned 23, nine days after DJ's birth.

Similarly, Bianca gave birth to her second child Kyrie at the age of 19. Additionally, she was 22 when her first daughter Nova was born in 2019.

How Long Has Damien And Bianca Been Together?

Damien and Bianca have been together for over 11 years as of 2023. The Prince couple first met each other in 2012.

At the time of their first encounter, Damien was 20 and Bianca was 15 years old. They were both working at Little Caesars Pizza in Fort Wayne. Despite their age gap, the pair instantly hit it off.

Bianca and Damien have a strong bond and financial stability now. However, it has not been all rainbow and sunshine for the couple. The duo suffered a financial crisis after the birth of their first child DJ; they were evicted from their apartment and forced to live in a motel. The situation became so dire that the pair had to ask for financial assistance from Bianca's mother to buy food.

The Houston-based couple got engaged on November 20, 2016, after Damien proposed to Biance during their second child Kyrie's baby shower. Sadly, their relationship came to a halt in 2017 when Bianca dumped him for always prioritizing his YouTube content over his partner.

The pair's break up was captured and uploaded through their YouTube channel. In the video, Bianca is also seen taking off her engagement ring before walking out of their home.

Damien finally succeeded in reconciling his relationship with Bianca after vowing to be a better father and husband. The duo's wedding was scheduled to be married on July 23, 2017. But, they got married on March 18, 2017, three months before their planned wedding date.

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Bianca and Damien's wedding was not free of drama. Guests were shocked after the groom's father Damien Prince Sr crashed the event. Prince Sr pulled off a hissy fit during the ceremony as he didn't think Bianca was an ideal match for his son.

The 31-year-old immediately came to his partner's rescue and even got into a verbal & physical altercation with his father. Meanwhile, Prince Sr calmed himself after Damien asked him to leave. The wedding was later conducted without any more disturbances and with Damien Sr still attending the ceremony.

Damien and Bianca have been happily married for six years; they celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in March 2023. Further, the couple is also content with their family of six and financial stability.

How Did The Prince Family Get Rich?

The Prince family earned their fortune from the revenue generated by their YouTube channels. The Houston family has been sharing videos on YouTube for seven years now.

Jointly, Damien and Biannca co-own six YouTube channels: D&B Nation, The Prince Family, Damien & Biannca, GamingWithD&B, The Prince Family - Nursery Rhymes, and The Prince Family Clubhouse. The six channels have over 18.6 million combined subscribers and more than 3.9 billion views.

At the same time, Biannca also has a self-titled YouTube channel with 1.72 million subscribers. Created in 2017, the channel has generated more than 79 million views in six years.

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As of 2023, the Prince family has an estimated net worth of $10.5 million. Their fortune has grown significantly from $8 million in early 2021.

The Prince couple had also mentioned in 2022 that they building a new house. However, it's not clear if they have moved into their new home or not.

When Did The Prince Family Start YouTube?

The Prince family officially joined YouTube in 2016. Their first channel D&B Nation was created on March 11, 2016.

Damien and Biannca initially used the D&B Nation as their primary channel. However, after their second channel The Prince Family became famous, they sidelined D&B Nation.

The couple also created a third YouTube page titled Damien & Biannca on the same day they created The Prince Family channel. The page currently boasts over a million subscribers and 28 million views.

Likewise, the duo created their supporting channels The Prince Family Clubhouse, GamingWithD&B, and The Prince Family - Nursery Rhymes in 2017, 2018, and 2023, respectively.

Biannca Prince Family

Bianca Prince family consists of her parents Charles Raines and Jennifer Raines alongside her seven siblings.

Biannca Prince parents separated soon after her birth; she didn't meet her father until years later. Similarly, her mother got married to a man named Ryan Raines from who Bianca got her last name.

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She eventually met her father Charles at the age of eight, after her mother divorced her stepdad, Ryan. Although her mother is no longer married to Ryan, she still considers him the father who raised her. At the same time, she has also reconciled with her biological father. The YouTuber is happy with two dads in her family.

She Has Seven Siblings

Biannca Prince sisters names are Alexis Raines, Christian Raines, Chanelle Raines, Jaqueshia Raines, Jalyn Raines, and Jayla Raines. The YouTuber also has a brother named Ryan Raines Jr.

Her sisters Chanelle Raines and Jalyn Raines are believed to be her biological siblings, whereas the other five are her half-siblings, born to Jennifer and Ryan Raines.

Biannca has a mixed heritage derived from her African-American father and her Caucasian mother.

Damien Prince Family

Damien Prince family consists of his four siblings and parents Damion Cryer and Sybrena Cooper. Damien grew up in a family of seven in Indiana.

Damien's father Damion Cryer is a YouTuber and internet personality. He has a self-titled channel with over 43.4k subscribers. Likewise, he also has nearly 80k followers on Instagram.

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Damion identifies himself as a single father in his Instagram bio. On the other hand, Damien's mother Sybrena has spent most of her life without craving the limelight.

Prince grew up with his four siblings in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has two sisters named Margaret Foster & Sypairra Cooper and two brothers named Deonte Cooper and Darion Cryer. Damien hasn't revealed much about his siblings, including their jobs and age details.


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