That’s So Raven: Raven’s 10 Most Iconic Disguises Ever Used, Ranked (2023)

When everyone thought Raven-Symoné's days as the young and feisty Raven Baxter were long gone after That's So Raven ended, she surprised fans by reprising the role in Disney's sitcom Raven's Home. She plays a single mother to twins who is trying to navigate her own life all while trying to help her son manage and understand his inherited psychic abilities. Though Raven is in the midst of motherhood, her attitude and shenanigans have not taken a backseat. She finds herself in comical scenarios, and she often uses her sass to put others in their place.

While Raven's signature style surely has carried over and improved since That's So Raven, her use of disguises to get out of sticky situations have seldom come up. As a teenager, Raven was consistently finding herself acting like someone else to help her friends, brother, or even herself get out of trouble. Some of her outfits made it look like she had a complete Halloween store in the back of her closet. Check out Raven's 10 most iconic and humorous disguises in Disney Channel's original showThat's So Raven.

10 Reptile Raven

That’s So Raven: Raven’s 10 Most Iconic Disguises Ever Used, Ranked (1)
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After Raven has a vision that Cory says he hates her, she makes it her mission to throw the best 10th birthday party ever for him. Following a setback with their planned zoo trip, Raven hires a reptile handler, Reptile Rick, to come to the house with a few different critters, but he gets food poisoning while at the house. Determined not to ruin the celebration, Raven takes over as Reptile Raven. She dances around with an iguana until it pees on her, and then she brings out a boa to model. After Cory tells her Reptile Rick would wrestle the snake, Raven and her friends put on a show to make the kids believe she wrestles the boa. Unfortunately, she is discovered to be a fraud.

9 Sunshine

That’s So Raven: Raven’s 10 Most Iconic Disguises Ever Used, Ranked (2)

Chelsea books a local artist, Rayne Bow, to sing at her vegetarian club, but things do not go as planned. Rayne Bow and Eddie get locked in a closet, and her calm and zen demeanor quickly turns into panic. In an attempt to control the crowd while Chelsea and her new boyfriend go in search of the singer, Raven gets on stage as a hippie named Sunshine to perform a song. She introduces herself as the opening act and sings a made up song, "The Ballad of the Salad." After mentioning deep-fried chicken, the crowd starts to boo her off the stage. Rayne Bow appears behind Raven, and all goes well for the rest of the concert.

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8 Chelsea's Sculpture

That’s So Raven: Raven’s 10 Most Iconic Disguises Ever Used, Ranked (3)

When Chelsea gets chosen to have a piece in an art show, she picks Raven to be her muse for a clay sculpture. When Chelsea reveals the finished product to Raven and Eddie, Raven does not hide how much she hates it. Chelsea walks away, rightfully hurt, and Raven accidentally knocks the statue over and breaks it.

When Eddie arrives to the art show, he finds Raven covered in clay and feathers. She pretends to be Chelsea's artwork. All goes smoothly, and no one recognizes that she is a real person. Unfortunately, after Eddie feeds her some spicy food, Raven breaks character and yells for water. Chelsea thanks her for trying to make things right.

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7 Eddie's Lawyer

That’s So Raven: Raven’s 10 Most Iconic Disguises Ever Used, Ranked (4)

After Eddie ditches Raven and Chelsea at a country store, he is arrested on the accusation that he is "The Pink Bandit." Due to Eddie's car being hot pink and his shopping bags containing dresses, rope, and a ski mask, he does not have much of a leg to stand on when trying to reason with the cop. Raven and Chelsea have to think fast about how to prove his innocence.

In a full Colonel Sanders lookalike costume, Raven strolls into the country jail with a preacher-like voice to defend Eddie. She struts around the small room pleading his case. After laying out the facts and making Eddie put on a dress to prove he's not the bandit (who was said to be a woman), she lands herself in jail. Happily, the real thief is caught, and the trio is free to go.

6 Coffee the Cop

That’s So Raven: Raven’s 10 Most Iconic Disguises Ever Used, Ranked (5)

Raven's father's restaurant is putting on a '70s theme night, and Raven and Chelsea find costume inspiration through a tape, Undercover Disco Divas. In full uniform, they arrive to the restaurant to find Eddie in an altercation with a former student, Sonny Curtis. Previously, Eddie had temporary psychic powers, and he accidentally helped Sonny gamble on a horse race. When Sonny later approached Eddie, after his powers had diminished, Eddie selected a horse at random which later lost.

Back at the restaurant, Sonny is trying to hurt Eddie, but the girls come to save him. When Sonny does not feel threatened, Raven's parents show up in their own '70s outfits, and her mom threatens to call Sonny's mother. This sends the punk running away from the family.

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5 E.R.

That’s So Raven: Raven’s 10 Most Iconic Disguises Ever Used, Ranked (6)

After admiring the X-Squad at the skate ramp, Cory purchases a top-of-the-line skateboard to learn how to skate. The crew shows up at his house to admire the board. After the initial excitement, Cory remembers he is just a beginner and cannot keep up with the squad. Raven helps Cory train, but he wimps out when in front of the crew.

When he goes to redeem himself, Raven shows up as a skater named Emergency Room claiming she is from the Original Extreme crew. She tries to show off to the young gang as this amazing skateboarder, and she ends up riding down several flights of stairs on a board. In the end, everyone learns a lesson about setting boundaries.

4 Security Guard

That’s So Raven: Raven’s 10 Most Iconic Disguises Ever Used, Ranked (7)

After discovering her little brother shoplifted a keychain from the mall, Raven makes a deal with Cory that if he puts the item back, she won't tell their parents. Cory heads straight to the mall to clear his conscience, and Raven secretly follows him. After putting the keychain back, Cory's "friends" arrive to steal things, and then they give Cory a hard time.

Thinking he will be tempted to steal again, Raven dresses up like a security guard to catch Cory in the act. While talking with the group of young thieves, a real security guard shows up and makes everyone empty their pockets. Cory is found innocent, but the other boys have their pockets full of stolen toys.

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3 Tanya Baxter

That’s So Raven: Raven’s 10 Most Iconic Disguises Ever Used, Ranked (8)

In the very first episode of the series, Raven demonstrates the crazy shenanigans she gets involved in along with her even more elaborate disguises. Instead of telling her parents about a sudden parent-teacher conference, Raven decides to dress up and pretend to be her own mother.

She goes to the school and, through a few wardrobe changes, tries her best to be her mother and herself in front of her teacher. Out of frustration, the teacher leaves, and the meeting is over. Raven, still dressed as her mother, confronts Eddie's bully. Afterward, she tries to act like her own teacher to her parents when they show up, but her disguise does not work as well on them.

2 Miss Tallulah

That’s So Raven: Raven’s 10 Most Iconic Disguises Ever Used, Ranked (9)

Raven gets a job at a phony psychic call center, but after their "lead psychic" quits, she is quickly promoted to being on the screen. She takes on the persona of Miss Tallulah, a very eccentrically dressed woman with a Jamaican accent. Raven's first caller is her crush, and because she knows the boy personally, she takes advantage of the situation.

Things do not go as she planned when he shows up to her house with his girlfriend, so Raven gives up on pursuing the boy. During her next time on screen, the boy calls again, and Raven tells him the show predicting his future is all fake. She and the former lead psychic get into an altercation, and Raven loses her job.

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1 Liz Anya

That’s So Raven: Raven’s 10 Most Iconic Disguises Ever Used, Ranked (10)

After Raven's father is fired from an upscale restaurant, Raven concocts a plan to get him his job back. She dresses as a pop star and makes Chelsea and Eddie her posse. Eddie introduces Raven as "Liz Anya." With a mixture of different accents, she loudly complains about her favorite chef no longer working there. She starts singing a song about the food is horrible now that Victor is gone, and the whole restaurant gets involved. Her disguise does unravel by the end of the song, but the character of Liz Anya lives on in the reboot. At the end of the first episode of Raven's Home, Liz Anya makes a brief appearance as her own person. She purchases Raven's one-of-a-kind jacket for $10,000.


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