The 9 celeb families worth more than the Royal Family (2023)

LIVING in a palace, being waited on hand and foot, and having access to a bulging bank account - there's no denying if you're a member of the Royal Family, there are many perks.

But while Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have an estimated net worth of £510m, new research shows they're far from the richest family in the world.


From Salma Hayek and Francois Pinault's eye-watering £5.7billion net worth, to former A-list sweethearts Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's £526million, there are plenty of celeb couples who outshine the royals.

And they know how to spend it - with the Kardashians famously splashing out millions on jewellery and luxury ranches.

Beyonce and Jay-Z, meanwhile, boast a £100m Bel Air, while J-Lo's wealthy husband forked out £3.9m on an emerald cut diamond engagement ring.

Here, we take a closer look at nine celeb families who are even more loaded than royalty, how they earned their fortune and what they splash their cash on...

The Hayek-Pinaults

Net worth: £5.7 billion



Actress Salma Hayek's net worth of £158 million is already impressive - but then add the wealth of her billionaire husband and father of her 12 year-old daughter and you've got one of the richest families in Hollywood, according to a recent rich list report.

François-Henri Pinault might not be a household name in the same way his glamorous 53-year-old wife is, but the 58-year-old is CEO of luxury brand Kering, which owns the likes of Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen.

Some reports estimate his net worth could actually be anything up to £19.5bn, and the couple own a £20m two-bed townhouse in Chelsea, London and two art galleries in Paris.

Pinault's family also own Christie's auction house and a 3,000 piece art collection.


The couple married in 2009 on Valentine’s Day in a wedding that is still considered one of the most expensive ever.

A lavish masquerade-style rehearsal dinner was held at the 17th century Punta Della Dogana – which they don’t own, but spent £17million renovating ahead of the big day.

The glamorous two-day event is believed to have cost £2.6m, with Salma’s wedding dress being made by Balenciaga.

The Kardashian-Wests

Net worth: £2.9 billion

One of the world's biggest power couples, reality megastar Kim Kardashian, 39, and presidential candidate and rapper Kanye West, 43, are a force to be reckoned with.


Mum-of-four Kim recently became a billionaire, and owns multiple businesses including her own beauty range and shapewear, while her hubby owns his own fashion label, Yeezy.

The couple's vast wealth means they can afford to splash the cash, with two £11m luxury ranches in Wyoming and a £47m Hollywood mansion in their property empire.


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The pair both have a love for the finer things too, regularly taking private jets around the world, boast a £5.5m car collection and possess a multi-million pound jewellery stash.

However, £9m worth of jewellery was stolen in 2016 when Kim was infamously held at gunpoint in a French hotel room and robbed.

The Trumps

Net worth: £2.5 billion

Before becoming president of the United States, 74-year-old Donald Trump made his fortune in real estate, and he therefore boasts a very impressive property portfolio.


This includes 58-floor Trump Towers on Fifth Avenue, and Mar-a-Lago, his 58-bed private club in exclusive Palm Beach, Florida, and he owns 17 golf clubs across the world, which he likes to frequent.

In order to travel to and from his various properties, Trump owns a £78m Boeing 747, dubbed Trump Force One, and a £5.5m helicopter.



When father-of-four Trump married third wife Melania, 50, in 2005, the pair reportedly spent £1m on their big day, and Melania's engagement ring is said to be worth around £2.3m.

The Carters

Net worth: £1.6 billion

Beyonce and Jay-Z are music royalty - so it's not surprising they're billionaires.


Jay-Z can credit his successful rap career, and also makes a fortune through his Roc Nation company, clothing line Rocawear, and owns his own streaming platform, Tidal.

Meanwhile, Queen B rose to fame as one third of Destiny's Child, but became even more successful as a solo singer, demanding millions per gig, earning a rumoured £2million for her 105 minute iconic Coachella set.

The superstar couple - who are parents to daughter Blue and twins Sir and Rumi - boast a seven bed £19m luxury mansion in the Hamptons and a £100m Bel Air mansion.

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Beyonce is also famous for her rider requests, which are reported to include keeping her dressing room at 78 degrees and heavily seasoned chicken legs.

The Hilton-Rothschilds

Net worth: £840 million

The younger sister of Paris, and heir to the Hilton hotel dynasty, socialite Nicky Hilton-Rothschild married into one of the richest families in the world when she wed husband James.



James Rothschild is a British banker, and his family have been said to have a staggering £550 trillion tied up in property and other assets, although experts believe this is wildly exaggerated and the real figure is closer to £320 billion.

After meeting in 2011 at Petra Ecclestone and James Stunt's wedding, the pair, who have two children, married in 2015, at Kensington Palace, with the bride wearing a £60,000 Valentino haute couture gown.

The Lopez-Rodriguezs

Net worth: £680 million

Jennifer Lopez has consistently earned a place on the Forbes rich lists, and is often called 'the hardest working woman in showbiz'.



As well as her singing career, she's earned a net worth of £315m through her salary as a judge on American Idol, advertising deals with brands such as L'Oreal Paris, and she also has her own perfume range.

The singer is engaged to baseball New York Yankee star Alex Rodriguez, who at one point was one of the world's highest-paid athletes.

And it's clear he dotes on the singer, splurging £3.9m on her emerald cut diamond engagement ring.



The 44-year-old sports star also gifted her a red Porsche 911 Carrera convertible for her 50th birthday - despite the fact she'd said she'd "never driven a car" previously.

The Trump-Kushners

Net worth: £640 million

When Donald Trump became president, his oldest daughter Ivanka Trump, 38, followed him into politics, and currently holds the unpaid role of advisor.


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Before that she worked for the Trump Organisation, and had her own fashion range, opened a jewellery store, and also worked as a real estate project manager.

Her husband of 11 years Jared Kushner also hails from a real estate family, and took over the family business in 2008.


The Jenner-Websters

Net worth: £600 million

At the tender age of 22, last year Kylie was hailed the youngest self-made billionaire - a title that was recently taken back by Forbes after they claimed she'd "inflated the size and success of her business for years."


Despite this, Kylie is far from having money worries - it's estimated Kylie earns around £4,000 per episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and gets paid up to £760,000 per sponsored Instagram post.

Her beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics has reportedly sold more than £490m worth of makeup since it was founded in 2016.

Kylie has a particular passion for cars, and has a fleet of around 14, thought to be worth £3.9m.



And while she's no longer with her daughter Stormi's dad, rapper Travis Scott - born Jacques Webster - is worth £32m.

The Jolie-Pitts

Net worth: £526 million

They're no longer together, but Hollywood icons Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's collective family worth is still impressive, with both leading actors able to command millions per film.


The former couple, who are currently going through divorce proceedings and share six children, will no doubt have a hard time dividing up their extensive collective assets.

When together, the pair bought a £45m, 35-bed French chateau, which was also where they wed in 2014, and had a £39m beach house in Santa Barbara, and a five-bed townhouse in New Orleans.

The pair lavished each other with expensive gifts when a couple - Angelia reportedly bought Brad a 15m heart-shaped island for his 50th birthday, and a £1.2m helicopter.

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Considering the extent of each famous family's fortune, while they aren't technically royalty, they're all lucky enough to afford the best of the best.

With staggering their net worth, amazing property portfolios and generous gifts, no doubt all their lifestyles are fit for a king.

The Queen has 20 cooks who travel around the country with her, says royal chef

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Who are the 10 wealthiest families in the world? ›

The 10 Richest Families in the World
  • Walton Family. Company: Walmart. ...
  • Mars Family. Company: Mars. ...
  • Koch Family. Company: Koch Industries. ...
  • Al Saud Family. Company: Saudi Royal Family. ...
  • Hermes Family. Company: Hermes. ...
  • Ambani Family. Company: Reliance Industries. ...
  • Wertheimer Family. Company: Chanel. ...
  • Cargill, MacMillan Family.
Jan 17, 2023

Who is the richest family of all time? ›

Despite an $11 billion loss in July 2022 after Walmart's earnings fell, the Walton family is still the wealthiest family in the world with a net worth of nearly $200 billion, Insider reports. Sam Walton was the founder of Walmart, and left behind his legacy and wealth to his three children and their families.

Who is richer than the royal family? ›

Rishi Sunak, the U.K.'s new prime minister, is richer than the royals.

Who is the most powerful family in America? ›

Walton Family

Who are the 3 richest families in America? ›

America's 50 richest families hold a collective wealth of $1.2 trillion. Walton Family (Worth: $247 billion; Walmart Inc.) Mars Family (Worth: $94 billion; Mars Inc.) Cargill-MacMillan Family (Worth: $47 billion; Cargill Inc.)

Who is the richest person ever lived on earth? ›

Mansa Musa or Musa I of Mali is considered one of the richest people ever. Musa was the ninth emperor of the Mali Empire, one of the prosperous Sahelian kingdoms that developed along the trans-saharan trade routes in the later medieval period.

Who is the richest white family? ›

For the fourth year in a row, the Waltons top the list of the world's richest families with a net worth of $224.5 billion.

Who is the richest woman in the world? ›

Since 2021, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers is listed as the world's wealthiest woman. According to a 2021 billionaire census, women make up 11.9% of the billionaire cohort, and "just over half of all female billionaires are heiresses, with an additional 30% having a combination of inherited and created wealth."

Who is the richest president of USA? ›

The richest president in history is purported to be Donald Trump. His net worth, however, is not precisely known because the Trump Organization is privately held. Truman was among the poorest U.S. presidents, with a net worth considerably less than $1 million.

Who are the wealthiest families in American history? ›

Wealthiest Americans included a total of seven members of the Rockefeller family, five members of the Ford family, four members of the Du Pont family (and a non-family DuPont executive), and four General Motors executives.

Who are the wealthiest Americans in history? ›

The richest American ever is widely considered to be John D. Rockefeller, worth about $400 billion in inflation-adjusted dollars, or about 2% of the United States GDP. Members of his family continue to be some of the wealthiest people in U.S. history.

What will Harry inherit from the Queen? ›

Representatives told Forbes in 2021 that Harry was not a beneficiary of any of the $100 million left to the royal family by his great-grandmother, the Queen Mother. It's unclear if Harry was left any money from his grandmother the late Queen Elizabeth II, whose will is expected to stay sealed for at least 90 years.

Does Harry get money from the Queen? ›

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been asked to leave Frogmore Cottage, the property they were given by the Queen when they got married. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan no longer receive money from the Royal Family, and earn their income from commercial arrangements.

Who is the richest princess in the world? ›

Princess Charlotte has been refered as "the richest kid in the world" due to her status as a member of the British royal family, which is one of the wealthiest and most prominent royal families in the world.

What is considered old money? ›

What Is Old Money? Old money refers to people who have inherited significant generational wealth; their families have been wealthy for several generations. In the past, old money would have referred to an elite class: the aristocracy or landed gentry.

What is the number one state in America to raise a family? ›

1 best state to raise a family: Massachusetts. Massachusetts topped the list for the best state to raise a family. The New England state earned a total score of 66.14. It ranked second in both education & child care and affordability.

What is the most common family in America? ›

In the U.S., two-parent households are the most common type of arrangement, accounting for a third of all people (33%). Roughly two-thirds (67%) of all U.S. children younger than 18 live with two parents.

Where do the wealthiest families live in the US? ›

Richest Places in America
  • Loyola, Los Altos, California.
  • Old Palo Alto, Palo Alto, California.
  • Presidio Heights, San Francisco, California.
  • Port Royal, Naples, Florida.
  • SoHo, New York, New York.
  • Gable Estates, Coral Gables, Florida.
  • Fisher Hill, Brookline, Massachusetts.
  • Tuxedo Park, Atlanta, Georgia.
Nov 26, 2022

Do the Rockefellers still own anything? ›

Management of this fortune today also rests with professional money managers who oversee the principal holding company, Rockefeller Financial Services, which controls all the family's investments, now that Rockefeller Center is no longer owned by the family. The present chairman is David Rockefeller Jr.

Who are the old money families in America? ›

"Old money" applies to those of the upper class whose wealth separates them from lower social classes. According to anthropologist W. Lloyd Warner, the upper class in the United States during the 1930s was divided into the upper-upper and the lower-upper classes.

What is Donald Trump's net worth? ›

Forbes estimates it at $3.2 billion as of October 26, 2022, with Trump making much higher claims. Trump received a loan of one million US dollars from his father, and he has also made money from real estate ventures, hotels, casinos, golf courses,fundraising and Trump-branded products including neckties and steaks.

Who was the first billionaire? ›

The American business magazine Forbes produces a global list of known U.S. dollar billionaires every year and updates an Internet version of this list in real-time. The American oil magnate John D. Rockefeller became the world's first confirmed U.S. dollar billionaire in 1916.

How much is the Rockefeller family worth today? ›

How much is the Rockefeller family worth today? Rockefeller family's Net Worth is over $360 Billion Dollars.

Who is the richest white woman in America? ›

1. Alice Walton – Net worth: $40.8 billion. Alice Walton is the richest women in America in 2023. Once again the absolute leader is the heiress to Walmart Stores, Inc.

Who is the richest Black king? ›

That crown goes to Mansa Musa, the 14th-century king of the Mali Empire. His wealth was so vast that historians and economists struggle to put an official number on it.

Who is the richest family in Hollywood? ›

The analysis showed that the Kardashian-West family are the richest celebrity family in the world, with a family net worth of over $5 billion.

Who is the biggest female billionaire? ›


The wealthiest woman in the world is a French entrepreneur and billionaire heiress, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers. She is a member of the Bettencourt family. In addition to those things, she is a talented writer, musician, and philanthropist, and her net worth is 74.8 billion US dollars.

Who was the richest woman in the Bible? ›

Lydia of Thyatira - Wikipedia.

Who was the first female billionaire? ›

C.J. Walker, the first self-made female millionaire in the U.S., is the next female role model to be honored in Barbie's line of Inspiring Women dolls. Walker, the daughter of former slaves, was born as Sarah Breedlove.

Who is the only president to have a Phd? ›

After graduation from Princeton (then the College of New Jersey) and the University of Virginia Law School, Wilson earned his doctorate at Johns Hopkins University and entered upon an academic career. In 1885 he married Ellen Louise Axson.

How much is Oprah's net worth? ›

Who is the oldest president? ›

The youngest to become president by election was John F. Kennedy, who was inaugurated at age 43. The oldest person to assume the presidency was Joe Biden, the nation's current president, who was inaugurated at age 78.

Who are the top 5 richest Americans? ›

Top 25 richest Americans
RankNameNet worth in billion US$
1Jeff Bezos195.9
2Elon Musk146.5
3Bill Gates135.8
4Larry Ellison119.5
21 more rows

Which country has the most billionaires? ›

There are a record 735 billionaires in the U.S., which remains the leading country for billionaires.

Who was the first trillionaire in America? ›

It was in fact Jeff Bezos who was set to become the first trillionaire. However, he is now forecasted to reach US$1.06 trillion in 2030, six years behind Musk in sixth place.

Who was the richest man in America in 1776? ›

Robert Morris, generally considered the financier of the Revolution, donated ships from his fleet of tobacco-trading vessels and turned to privateering. Raiding British convoys, he became the richest man in America. He personally signed 6,000 notes to pay off Washington's troops when the war ended.

Who will inherit the Queen's Jewels? ›

The Queen Consort, really, gets first choice of the Queen's jewelry. And after that is Princess of Wales, of course, Kate.

How much will Prince Harry inherit? ›

Though they could still receive interest from the trust upon turning 25, they wouldn't inherit the full sum until they turned 30. By the time both princes were 30, the residuary estate amounted to £10 million (about $16 million) for each of them.

What will Prince William inherit? ›

The line of succession makes Prince William, now the first in line to the British throne, a much wealthier man. The future king inherits the private Duchy of Cornwall estate from his father. The duchy owns a sprawling portfolio of land and property covering almost 140,000 acres, most of it in southwest England.

Will Harry ever return to royal family? ›

Prince Harry has described how he “can't ever get out” of the royal family, but he does not believe it will ever be possible for him and the Duchess of Sussex to return to the UK as working royals.

Who owns Buckingham Palace? ›

As the official London residence of the king, Buckingham Palace is perhaps the most widely known property owned by the royal family. Managed by the Royal Collection Trust, the palace has been the monarch's principal residence since 1837, hosting numerous events and receptions throughout the year.

Will Camilla be crowned queen? ›

Will Camilla be crowned Queen at King Charles's coronation? She will be given the title of Queen Consort. 'Consort' refers to the partner of a reigning monarch and means that she doesn't hold the same political or military power as a fully-fledged Queen.

Who is the first black Princess? ›

After making history as the first Black Disney princess in an animated movie, Tiana will be honored with a new “The Princess and the Frog” inspired-attraction that's coming to Disney World and Disneyland Resort.

Which country has the richest prince? ›

Richest royal families from around the world
  • Richest royals. ...
  • #7 The royal family of Brunei. ...
  • #6 The royal family of Thailand. ...
  • #5 The British royal family. ...
  • #4 The royal family of Abu Dhabi. ...
  • #3 The royal family of Qatar. ...
  • #2 The royal family of Kuwait. ...
  • #1 The royal family of Saudi Arabia. Net Worth: $1.4 trillion.
Nov 25, 2022

Who is the richest girl kid? ›

Rounding up the top three is Valentina Paloma Pinault, daughter of actress Salma Hayek and billionaire businessman Francois-Henri Pinault. Thanks to her trust fund and future inheritance, she's worth an estimated £1.6 billion ($1.9 billion), an incredible increase of 16,150% since 2021.

Is Rothschild the richest family in the world? ›

During the 19th century, the Rothschild family possessed the largest private fortune in the world, as well as in modern world history. The family's wealth declined over the 20th century, and was divided among many descendants.
Rothschild family.
Cadet branchesList Austrian branch English branch French branch Neapolitan branch
11 more rows

Who are the 3 richest families in the world? ›

The U.S. is home to the three richest families in the world. The Walton, Mars and Koch families have topped the list of wealthiest clans in the world, according to a September report from Bloomberg. The families have remained in their positions as the richest in the U.S. and in the world for several years.

Who is the richest person on earth? ›

Top 10 Richest Man In The World 2023-2024

Elon Musk, who continues to hold the number one position with a net worth of $190 billion.

Who are the Old money families in America? ›

"Old money" applies to those of the upper class whose wealth separates them from lower social classes. According to anthropologist W. Lloyd Warner, the upper class in the United States during the 1930s was divided into the upper-upper and the lower-upper classes.

Who is the hidden richest family? ›

The House Of Saud; Net Worth – $1.4 Trillion

The current ruling family of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia owns a staggering net worth of $1.4 trillion which makes them top the list of secret richest people in the world.

What do the Rothschilds own today? ›

The Rothschild family controls over 25 Banks and investment companies across the world. Rothschild has equity investments in 8 out of 10 biggest financial institutions in the world. N M Rothschild & Sons, an English investment bank, does most of its business as an advisor for mergers and acquisitions.

Do the Rothschilds marry each other? ›

To maintain control of their banks and keep their business secret, Rothschilds married other Rothschilds: fifteen out of twenty-one marriages between 1824 and 1877 were celebrated between direct descendants (Ferguson, 1998(Ferguson, , 2000 Kuper, 2001) . ...

Who is the 2 richest kid in the world? ›

North West. In second place is North West, with her wealth rising by a whopping 3650% since 2021. The nine-year-old is worth an estimated £306 million ($375 million) in 2023, making her one of America's richest kids, thanks to the trust fund set up for her by her parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Who are the richest families in Texas? ›

Among the wealthiest Texans are Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies; Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys; spouses Stanley Kroenke and Ann Walton Kroenke (though ranked separately); Tilman Fertitta, owner of the Houston Rockets; Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia; and Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas ...

Who is the wealthiest generation in US history? ›

"The difference between the millionaires of the early 1980s and the ones being created today is that many of them stand to inherit even more wealth from their Baby Boomer parents, who are considered the wealthiest generation in history," the Coldwell Banker report concluded.


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